Tyranid Attack

Last week I finally ‘finished’ my 2000 points of Tyranids. Of course everyone knows that an army is never truly finished, and in fact I do have some other painted bits that aren’t shown in this post, which when the new Tyranid Codex eventually gets released, I expect I will end up adding things to this force. That is as long as my single pot of Solar Macharius Orange paint still hasn’t dried up.

So lets go through what is in my army:


First up are two units of four Zoanthropes. I originally only had two units of three, but once the new Index books came out and I saw that having four in a unit gave them a decent boost to their ability to Smite, I immediately bought another box to bulk up both units.  On the Battlefield, these have done pretty well, with the amount of big bugs I have in this army, they tend to get forgotten about, but with the ability to consistently pump out 2D3 mortal wounds per unit in the Psychic phase, and a 3+ invulnerable save, they have their place in this force.

Next up are my three Carnifexes. In fact my whole army began with a Carnifex, which I found at a really discounted price in Hobby Craft, when they were clearing out their Warhammer Stock. I managed to pick up two of these for less that the cost of a single one.
You may not be able to see from the picture, but one of the Carnifexes is actually painted to a much higher level than the rest; this is because I had originally intended to paint this whole army up to a really high level, but as usual when it comes to painting armies, that soon fell by the wayside and the rest of the army was painted to a decent tabletop standard. No where near the best of my ability, but good enough to put on the board.


Ah, now the Mawloc. Such a nice kit, but such as arse to put together without spikes digging into you at several points of the construction.
In the previous version of 40k, the Mawloc was a crazy, with the ability to pop up anywhere on the battlefield and nine times out of ten, wipe an entire ten man Space Marine squad off the board. Those times have now sadly gone, and thinking about it, probably for the best.


The Mawloc is now no where near as powerful as it was, but it still has the ability to chip some mortal wounds of units when it arrives, and although not amazing in combat, it does stick around for a long time.


The Hive Tyrant is the first of the creatures in my army that is magnetised. I didn’t take a picture of his alternate pose, but with the magic of magnetism you can remove his wings and replace them with scything talons, and also break him in half at the waist, so he could be used on foot.


Like everything in my Tyranid army, the Hive Tyrant has no missile weapons. I decided early on when making this force, that in my head, this Hive Fleet would fight solely with close combat and psychic attacks. Maybe they mainly fight on subterranean worlds where ranged weapons are not so practical, and prefer to charge down the tunnels slicing their foes to pieces as they go.
That said, I do have some spore mines floating about (pun intended) so could branch out to some floating bombs, and maybe if they become financially cheaper, some Biovores to propel them across the battlefield.


Next up is the Toxicrene, which is the second of my kits that is magnetised. This can also be turned into a Maleceptor, by switching the head, and also swapping out the tendrils for scything talons. I haven’t yet used the Maleceptor in a game as I prefer the rules for the Toxicrene, and that the Maleceptor is more expensive in points so doesn’t fit in my 2k list.


The newest hero model to join my army is the Broodlord. When the new index books for 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 came out I added up the points of my existing Tyranid force, and found that by adding a Broodlord and 16 Genestealers, I would get to the magic 2000 points, so that’s what I did.

The Broodlord kit has him standing on a bit of Tyranid terrain, but to match this guy into the rest of my army I changed this so he is standing on a dead Terminator. Originally I was hunting my bits box for a spare Space Marine bike, but found this, which can be found on the Mawloc Kit.


Another relatively new model for my Tyranids, is the Tyranid Prime. He was added just before 8th edition hit, as from the rumours and sneak peeks released by Games Workshop it looked like I would need at least a second hero model for my army.

With all the spare pieces I have lying around, I managed to build this guy by only purchasing a tail section off an internet bits site. He now runs around supporting my Tyranid Warriors giving them the bonus to hit.10

Next up is the backbone of my army, the three units of six Tyranid Warriors all armed with Lash Whips and Boneswords. I built these back in seventh edition, and gave them these weapons, as they were really really good. Lash Whips and Boneswords aren’t quite as good in the new edition, but do allow units to fight after they die, which is a great bonus, which I haven’t actually been able to take advantage of yet.


As you may have noticed, all of my Tyranids are based so they are standing on destroyed space marine vehicles (except the Broodlord of course) Lucky for me I have an extensive bits box of random Space Marine bits, left over from commissions for friends, or old armies of my own.


I chose to paint these Dark Green, as I had seen a great article in an old White Dwarf about painting Dark Angel armour, and found the technique easy to do and it gave a great contrast to the snow and the orange and blue of the Tyranids themselves. This armour was originally supposed to be from Dark Angel Space Marines, but as I wanted the dead Terminator on the Broodlord’s base to also be dark green and not the bone colour of a Deathwing Terminator, these wrecks are now from some generic dark green chapter of your choosing.


And finally we come to the last unit to be added to the Tyranids, the Genestealers. You can tell these are an older kit as they were a nightmare to clean up and build. After a bit of questioning the Twittersphere, I decided to base these guys on 32mm bases, rather than the 25mm they come with. Apparently Genestealer Cult ones come on 32’s, so that was that decision made.


I wasn’t sure how much orange to do on these guys, but to keep them matching the rest of the army, I only did their heads and backs. This does make them a bit darker than the rest of the army, but as they should be sneaking around the flanks of my enemies, preparing to strike from the shadows, this fits in nicely with their background.


Well there you go, that’s my current Tyranid force, like I said there are some other little bits and swaps for this army, but this is my 2000 points. I have played on game with them as a whole army, against the T’au. All those guns do hurt, but once they get in to close range, they can do a lot of damage.

I look forward to playing with them a lot more, and they are on the top of my current list of armies to take to Heat Three of the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament in February.

Currently I am finishing off the bases for my Lesser Fimir, so hopefully next time I’ll be able to blog about them. And then in a few week I’ll be off to Blackout, an AoS tournament in Cardiff, I still don’t know what I’ll be taking, as that all depends on what the Generals Handbook 2017 delivers when it arrives next weekend.

Look mum I’m on TV!

This Friday I was lucky enough to be able to play Warhammer 40,000 on the TV, well more specifically on Warhammer TV’s Twitch channel.

I went up to Warhammer World with Simon, who as you can see below, was very happy to come along as he hadn’t been to Warhammer World, since its most recent transformation, so was looking forward to seeing the exhibition and having a great game of 40k, which would be my warm up before the main event.


Before we played, we hit Bugmans for some light refreshment; and then went to the table. The board we played on looked amazing, with loads of ruined buildings to fight in and streets for the tanks and planes to drive and fly around.


We’d played against each other just two days previous, with the Crimson Fists coming out on top, through what was a really close game, where the Dark Eldar had begun strong, but slowly lost their grip on the battlefield. We played the same forces this time, but the game would turn out completely different.


This game turned out to be completely one sided. I couldn’t roll a bad dice, and Si couldn’t roll any good dice, so after 3 turns the game was over, which did mean we had more time to hit the exhibition.


I didn’t take any photos of the exhibition, so you’ll have to make do with the in game shots from the game we had just finished. The last time I had been round the exhibition was on the New Years open day, so I was surprised how many new things there were to see. Some of the cabinets had been moved around, but there was a collection of Golden Daemon winners which were so good in the flesh, and also the Primaris Space marines that the Eavy Metal team had done for the challenge in the latest White Dwarf. If you thought they looked good in the magazine, they are infinitely better in real life, the photos do not do these guys justice.


After we’d done the exhibition there was time for a coffee and a flapjack, before I would have to get to the table live on TV. Whilst I was in Bugmans, I finally got to say hello to Wade, who I would be playing that evening. Myself and Wade had worked together in Games Workshop Bristol some 18 years ago, and although I had seen him at some Games Days and also in a Sheffield GW, we hadn’t really kept in touch that well.


I hadn’t been sure if he still worked for Games Workshop, until I saw him on the Warhammer 40,000 launch  24 hour stream that was broadcast on Facebook Live. When organising my trip to Warhammer World to be on the Twitch Stream, I asked if Wade would like to play, and was super happy when he agreed.


So after a quick catch up we went to the table, as seen below, to get our game on! Wade would be using his World Eaters, and would also be using the new Chaos Space Marine Codex, which at the time of the game wasn’t actually out yet! You can find our lists here

I was using the same list I had been using for my last two games, hopefully all my good luck hadn’t run out in the practice I had had a few hours earlier. We rolled up a scenario and started to deploy.  It was at this point that I was given the headset which would allow me to talk to the two Robs whilst they commentated, to be able to relay any highlights of the game, whilst they would be able to point out any mistakes we were making; which turned out to be quite a few!


I wont spoil the game, you’ll have to watch it yourself, how to do this is in my previous Twitch review post, but I will say it was a brilliant game. My dice were horrendous, and Wades, for the most part, were awesome. We only managed to get four turns in before the time ran out, but they were four turns of great laughs.

There were a few occasions where some of the rules slipped our minds, but it was great to have Rob in my ear, pointing them out, and for most of them, we were able to rewind the game a bit and redo some of the dice rolling. Having watched the game back myself, there were several other occasions where we didn’t quite play the rules 100% correctly but this didn’t really favour either of us and had no influence on the game.


I would like to thank, Wade, Rob, Rob, Dan and Martin for the opportunity to play at Warhammer World, it was a great day and great fun, I’d love to do it all again sometime. Also to Si for driving. My Tyranids are now ‘complete’ (I’ll save them for the next post) so maybe they could make an appearance. I’ll be at Heat Three of the Grand Tournament, so who knows; and Pete Foley, Si will be back to take you on too, just don’t go on holiday next time we’re up.

Finally; until we arrived at WHW, I didn’t realise it Rob Symes’ last ever broadcast. It is sad to see him go as he has been the highlight of every broadcast, with his enthusiasm for all the games, he will be missed. Hopefully Warhammer TV will continue to be as great as it is now without him.

Genestealers: Episode 1 – Bases

I worked out that I could add 16 Genestealers and a Brood Lord to get my Tyranid force up to 2000pts, and therefore I hit the online stores and got them delivered straight away. I had previously managed to sell the Poxwalkers from my Dark Imperium set, and so didn’t feel bad spending the money


It’s been a long time since I built a Genestealer, and man are they annoying to clean up. The building of them isn’t hard work, but with so many spiky parts, they are a nightmare to de-mouldline.

I eventually got them built, and put them on their packaged bases. These look a bit small in this modern world, so after a bit of a q&a on Twitter, found that Genestealers from the Cult force come with 32mm bases, so I decided I would put mine on them too.


As with the rest of my Tyranid force, they would be based on the wreckage of Imperial vehicles, so I dived into my massive collection of bits buckets to create these. For the Brood Lord, I was originally going to have him climbing over a Space Marine bike, but whilst going through all my sprues and spares I found the dead Terminator that I think comes from the Mawloc kit.


I had imagined that the destroyed armour would come from a Dark Angels force, but this would mean that the dead Terminator would be painted bone to represent him coming from the Deathwing. Having one base a different colour to the others would looks a bit out of place, so I went with dark green on him, and therefore, the wreckages now come from an unknown dark green chapter of Space Marines.


It was after painting the armour that I remembered that I normally put sand on the bases to allow the snow to grip to something when adding it, so I sanded the bases after painting the green rather than prior to undercoating.

This hasn’t really caused any problems as now that the snow has been added you cant really see the sand anyway, and any bits of brown will be covered up by the black used to paint the edges of the bases.

So the bases are finished, and now it is onto the actual models to put on them. 16 Genestealers and Brood Lord to do, shouldn’t take too long, but with a planned trip away coming up (more on that soon) they may take a few weeks to finish.

Still playing 40k

It’s been a while since my last post, mainly as I haven’t had much to show you all. I have almost finished painting the 40 Lesser Fimir I have been doing for what feels like forever, but showing you them with their tongues painted and then another picture with their teeth painted, wouldn’t really be that exciting as the pictures would look almost the same.

I have though played two more games of Warhammer 40,000, so I though I’d share my thoughts on the games and show you some in game shots


The first game of 40k I played was 1500 points, but for my second, we upped it to 2000. I used my Dark Eldar again, and added two five man units of Scourges and a Voidraven Bomber to my previous army.


This game was against Crimson Fist Space Marines, aided by some Deathwatch and a Knight. I thought adding such a big piece to the game might ruin it, but I was wrong. Although the Knight had some bad dice rolls, it wasn’t the over powered unit that I thought it might, and I even managed to get it down to 8 wounds before we ran out of time.


I’m loving the speed of the Dark Eldar, I managed to sweep right round the back of the Imperial forces, eventually dropping the Incubi out of the Venom’s, who charged in to the Knight and some Scouts. The Incubi murdered the Scouts in one round of combat and the Incubi managed to put a lot of damage in to the Knight.


The Flyers were good fun to play with too. Although they are easier to hit with shooting than they were in the previous edition, but are a lot easier to play with, as there is less rules hunting mid game. Both my flyers caused a lot of damage, with the Razorwing eventually being destroyed.

For my third game, I got out my Tyranids. This was a 1500 point game, and in comparison to 7th edition I got a lot more on the board. Some of which I had painted since the new edition dropped. I am currently painting 16 Genestealers and a Brood Lord to get my force up to 2000 points (as well as adding a Toxicrene which is painted but not shown here)


I took on an Imperial Guard army with quite a lot of tanks, which was a little scary when setting up. Would the Tyranids be able to make into combat before being shot to pieces.


Below is my set up. I would have to run like the wind across the battlefield to be able to get those pesky Imperial troopers into combat and hopefully wipe them out.


Below is my first move. Everything ran as fast as it could, including the Hive Tyrant who flew into charge range of some Ogryns, and then successfully hit them in combat, killing three. With some better rolls I could have taken out a few more.

In their first turn the Imperial Guard fired their entire army at my Hive Tyrant, with the last shot by the Ratlings finally taking it out. At last the Tyranid big beasties were performing like you would expect them too. The same could be said for the Carnifexes who managed to take most of the Imperial fire power before finally being destroyed.


After a few failed charges, including the use of re rolls, I managed to get in to combat and tore the Guardsmen apart. Some clever use of charging troops and then consolidating into the tanks made sure that I limited the amount of firepower I would receive in the next turn; this is definitely a tactic that could really help close combat armies in the future.

So I’ve now played 3 games of the new 40k, and even though I haven’t managed to win any of them, I have enjoyed every game. The rules make the game flow so much better than before, and after a turn or two, I have managed to reduce the amount of time I spend looking at unit rules. This week the Tyranids will be hitting the table again, against either Tau or Orks, and hopefully if I can get them built in time, the Genestealers will be on the table.

So until next time, where I will let you know how I got on, and maybe show you some finished Lesser Fimir too.

First Game: #New 40k

Last night I played my first game of the new version of Warhammer 40,000. We decided to play a 1500 point matched play game, with the dastardly Drukhari taking on the Sisters of Battle.

My force can be seen below, as it was my first game of new 40k, I took a mixture of shooting, fighting and flying units.


My opposition can be seen below, again because it was our first game it consisted of a mixture of fire power and close combat.


We set up the battlefield for the ‘Spoils of War’ scenario, which would be fought over six objectives, with out in game objectives being generated from the Tactical Objective cards.


Having less units to set up meant that I got to choose if I went first or second and with the Sisters failing to seize the initiative, I thought I’d go first and try and make some dents in the Imperial battle line.

Even with a decent amount of fire power, the first turn set the tone, with my dice rolls being well below par. Even with an array of Disintegrator Cannons, Dark Lances and Splinter weapons, I only managed to kill one Arco-Flagellant and take a single wound off an Exorcist, it was not a good start.


Getting a bit carried away I ran advanced my Wyches and Succubus into the ruins in the centre of the battlefield where they came under heavy fire from the Sisters in the next set of ruins. Only a handful survived.


Having only lost one of their number, the Arco-Flagellants came running out of the ruins to try and assault one of my Raiders which contained a squad of Kabalite Warriors.


However, the swiftness of the Drukhari meant that they were intercepted by a squad of Incubi. This should have been a good fight for the Dark Eldar, however another batch of dodgy dice saw only two of these crazy killing machines die, before they took four of the Incubi down with a massive amount of attacks and a really bad morale role.


Meanwhile in the middle of the battlefield the three Penitent Engines crashed into a Venom containing the other five Incubi, it was at this point we found out how good these engines were, as they sliced the Venom to pieces and then consolidated into the Incubi and wasted them too!

As we hit turn three, the Seraphim arrived from the heavens landing in the Drukhari backfield as a Venom and the Succubus attempted to fight their way through the Sister’s line. Charging the Venom in first had help soak up the overwatch fire, before the close combat specialist started to work her magic.


On the left flank, my Wracks, Haemunculus and Archon still hadn’t got out of their Raider, and with one of my Tactical objectives getting me to hold objective 1, I just parked my bus on the objective, before a Rhino full of sisters with a Flamer and Heavy Flamer turned up.


After landing the Seraphim turned their attention to the Raider with the Kabalite Warriors in, and although they managed to down the transport, they didn’t do so well when charging the occupants. The last Arco-Flagellant died to over watch, and once in hand to hand the Sisters struggled to do any damaged.


Finally, back on the left flank, the Archon and friends were finally out of their now destroyed Raider (no vehicles exploded in this game)  and were taking the fight to the Sisters. Meanwhile the Wracks were getting beaten up by the Rhino, the transport caused more damage to the unit than any shooting had, eventually wiping them out!


So the game was over, we called it after 4 turns, as the Drukhari were in deep trouble, and the Sisters had a big lead in victory points.

All in all a good game though, if my dice had been a lot friendlier throughout the game it may have been a bit closer, but constant misses, and countless 1’s when rolling for vehicle survivors didn’t help at all. The first turn and a half were a little slow as we got to know what did what, but after that the whole game flowed really well. Not having to worry about arcs of fire seemed strange at first, but came naturally in the end, especially with my Jet Fighter who was laying waste to the Sisters with its plethora of weapons.

So is 8th edition 40k any good? From one game, I can say yes it is, the game was great fun, and was much quicker to play than 7th edition was. Yes there was a little bit of rules checking, but then it was out first game, it was no where near as stop start as 7th edition as everything you really need to know is on the data sheets and not somewhere in the 250+ pages of rules.

Next week I’ll be playing another game of 40k, probably with the Drukhari again, I may make a few tweaks to the list, but nothing too drastic. Having now played once, its got my mind thinking about which of my other armies I should play with, so many choices, Slaaneshi Daemons, Noise Marines, Nurgle Daemons, Imperial Guard and of course my Tyranids, which I just need to paint 3 more models to get them to 1500 points.

See you next time, where I may report on better dice rolls and a Dark Eldar victory!

Review: The Beast Arises

The Black Library have a plethora of novels for you to read, whether you are interested in the Realms of Age of Sigmar or the never ending war of the 41st Millenium. However, probably their most documented period of history, or should it be future, is the Horus Heresy series. I’m about 35 books into this series, and even though doubters may say that its really being dragged out, I have really enjoyed the majority of these releases.

Although I continue to enjoy this series, I have just finished reading another collection, which I found to be an excellent story from start to finish.

The Beast Arises. (Look down there, those are my copies, all sat nicely on my shelf)


A word of warning, there may be spoilers ahead, but I will aim to be as spoiler free as I can whilst reviewing this series of novels, you have been warned.

Set 1500 years after the Horus Heresy, most of the Imperial ran galaxy has returned to normal, but as politics between the High Lords of Terra turns to self serving agendas, a new threat approaches. It wont be a surprise to many of you to learn this is the Orks.


The series kicks off with ‘I am Slaughter’ written by Dan Abnett, and he kicks things off in excellent style, engaging you from the outset, where you will stay engaged for all twelve books.

The Imperial Fists and their successors are introduced as the main Space Marine focus in this novel, and they are prominent all the way through the series. We follow their highs and very low lows as they struggle against the greenskins, who pose the biggest threat to humanity since Horus turned his back on his father. (oops Horus Heresy spoiler there, but if you didn’t know that, where have you been?)


Where as the Horus Heresy novels focus more on the front line fighters in the war, as you move through the Beast Arises novels it becomes clearer that the puppet masters in this war against the Orks are the High Lords of Terra. Each of the High Lords oversees a different part of the Imperium, be it the Forge Worlds of Mars, the Astra Militarum or the Administratum. Each of these Lords, wants to help the war effort of the Imperium, but will only commit if it results in the best outcome for their personal office.


Early on whilst reading this series my favourite character was Drakan Vangorich, the Grand Master of the Assassins, and as I went from book to book, I was not disappointed to find he has a major part to play in the  series as a whole.

The Beast Arises series is a rollercoaster from start to finish, revealing shocks and surprises, that does not only open up story avenues for the future but also links to lore you thought you knew everything about. All 6 authors, (Dan Abnett, Rob Sanders, Gav Thorpe, David Annandale, Guy Haley and David Guymer), even though they have different writing styles, keep the series tight, and there are no continuity errors to ruin your experience. No, this isn’t a series that engages in war from cover to cover, but the action that is present is brutal. Its the politics, infighting and personal agendas that really bring these books to life, and this is where my favourite character really comes into his own!


So in conclusion, and sorry that I’ve been a little vague in my descriptions, but I didn’t want to spoil anything. This series is brilliant, full of all the action you could need and while you get your breathe back it has an abundance of ‘behind the scenes’ looks at how the High Lords of Terra plot the Imperium’s dominance, whilst doing everything in their power to do whats best for them.

Go buy/borow/rent these books and then go and paint yourself some Primaris Imperial Fists, they’ll need the new recruits ;o)

Right I’m off to play my first game of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition tonight, I’ll try and remember to take some pictures and let you know what I think.

Review: Warhammer Live

With the imminent arrival of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition, Warhammer Live has been doing interviews about, and showing games of the new edition of 40k, every day. I’ve managed to keep on top of the interviews, and have a lot of the games to catch up on, but its been ace. So here is my review of Warhammer Live, and why you should or should not be watching it.


When Warhammer Live was first announced, I was interested but didn’t think I would willing to pay £5 a month to watch some people play Warhammer and listen to some guys from Games Workshop talk about how great the games are. Surely it was going to turn out to be another glorified advert for GW products and like Finecast, would disappear quickly into the warp.

As it was free to watch the broadcasts live on Twitch I tuned into The Warlords Age of Sigmar event coverage and was soon hooked. I spent most of that weekend glued to my screen, watching people play AoS and listening to Rob and Eddie talk about what was going on.
Granted this first event coverage was a little hit and miss, as things happening on the table were missed, and the chat often didn’t match what was actually happening. But to their credit, it was great viewing, and the interviews with competitors was really well done.


I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up £5 of my money over to watch games of Warhammer being played, however as the weeks progressed, one aspect of the weekly broadcasts made me change my mind. The Thursday interviews.

Wednesdays were AoS day and at the time featured a narrative game followed by a competitive game, with Fridays being more or less the same of 40k. Thursdays though were mainly interviews and the main host Rob talking to people who asked questions in the linked chat. The interview that got me to subscribe was the first one done with Jes Goodwin; I had caught the end of it when I got home from work, and found it really interesting, so took the plunge and subscribed, and I haven’t looked back since.

All the interviews I have listened to, including all the ones this week, have been really interesting, giving you an insight into how a miniature is designed, how it was painted, stories behind art work, or how they make those massive displays in the museum. Its like going to a Games Day of old, or Warhammer Fest and being able to talk to every member of staff for an hour. Something you cant do during an event, but something you can do now, especially if you subscribe as everything can be pulled back on demand.

My favourite interviews so far have been both of the Jes Goodwin ones, where it seems like hes really trying hard not to say things he shouldnt be and Duncan Rhodes’s chat with Aidan Daly from Eavy Metal, which is really informative and gives some great ideas of new techniques to try. Go check them out!


Not only is Warhammer TV broadcast from Warhammer World, but they have even been on the road, visiting events such as Adepticon, The Las Vegas Open and The South Coast Grand Tournament. I was at SCGT and still haven’t had chance to watch it all back, there’s just so many hours of content to keep you entertained. I have though manage to catch myself on the SCGT coverage waiting for my 6th round opponent, my wife said it was like a surreal game of Where’s Wally (Waldo for you Americans out there).


Finally, back to this and last week. Every day this week, Warhammer TV has been doing a series called First Blood, where they have been interviewing key members of all the teams involved in the new edition of Warhammer 40k, and then showing a game. Over the two weeks, they should have shown off every faction, and had interviews from everyone from the miniatures designers, the graphic designers through to the scenery builders; again there is so much content. There’s even a 24 hour stream coming up on Saturday the 17th to celebrate the launch of the new edition. Best get that coffee ready! Luckily as a subscriber, I’ll just watch it back later.

So there you go, from its slow and steady start, Warhammer Live just keeps getting better and better. Rob, Eddie, Dan, Duncan, John and the rest of the team are making this a great addition to the hobby, so if you haven’t already go set up that subscription, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can have one free Twitch subscription, so wont have to pay any more money! There’s no excuse!

Right I’m off to watch some more 40k, fingers crossed I might even get a chance to get on TV one day in the future, I’m sure it wont be nerve wracking at all.